Monday, October 17, 2016

Motivation Monday: Why I Farm Roadtrip Week 24

Week 23 on the Why I Farm Roadtrip was a busy one! I'm looking forward to seeing what week 24 has in store. These stories are my inspiration as I take on the adventures and challenges of the next seven days.

Kentucky farmer: Jim Gilles
“I’m the fifth generation. I went to the University of Kentucky, got a degree in Ag Economics, and decided I wanted to come back to the farm. I do whatever is needed around the farm. I don’t have a title, but the meat business is kind of my niche. This is the fourth year for it. When I first started it, there was a big education process. I learned to explain how we raise our animals, what we feed them, and why we do what we do. I’ve built a lot of relationships with my customers. You see them out everywhere. They’re always very complimentary of everything and update me on their kids, so it’s kind of cool to build that connection.” - Jim Gilles of Hill View Farms Meats, LLC in Owensboro, KY

Main farmers: Jenni and Dana Flood
"The tractors here are mostly green and yellow. My dad was a John Deere salesman and sold Dana's grandpa the very first John Deere they ever bought. As a matter of fact, it’s this tractor right here. That day, my dad was bound and determined to sell him a John Deere. He had woken up and said, ‘I’m going to sell George Flood a tractor today.’ He spent all day on the front step and finally sold it to him. As the tractor salesman’s daughter, I ended up being the parts girl. One day, I was working behind the counter in the parts department. I happened to be carrying two pails of hydraulic oil out from around the counter. I didn’t even notice Dana because he was just a young customer, younger than me. But apparently, in his way of telling it, he was like, ‘Well, look at her. That’s the woman for me.’" - Jenni Tilton-Flood and her husband, Dana, of Flood Brothers Farm, LLC in Clinton, Maine

Vermont farmer: Joanna Lidback
"I get really excited about what we have going on here because it’s like a dream come true for me. There’s a lot wrapped up in why I farm. A lot of it is personal and a little bit of family pride. I’m carrying on the tradition of raising Jerseys that my family started, and my husband, Adam is carrying on a tradition of farming here that his family started. It’s a beautiful life." - Joanna Lidback of The Farm at Wheeler Mountain in Barton, Vermont

Click on each photo to read the farmers' full Why I Farm blog post. I hope these stories inspire you to build relationships with your local farmers and chase your dreams this week. Happy Monday! Thanks for reading!

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