Friday, October 21, 2016

Foodie Friday: Why I Farm Roadtrip, August

August was an interesting month on the Why I Farm Roadtrip - food and famer wise. In today's post I'm sharing a few of the yummy (and not so yummy) things I enjoyed as I traveled through New England.

My go to Starbucks drink is still the Pink Drink (a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk and light ice). I'm curious how many gallons of this deliciousness I sipped as I transcribed audio from all the fantastic farmers I interviewed. I should have started keeping track of this sort of thing from the beginning of the trip just for fun.

Thanks to Twitter, I learned about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day as I was traveling through New England. Since I was thousands of miles away from Barbara at The Chick Wire, I had to settle for a couple of cookies from McDonald's.

After a great morning with the Millers exploring their farm, Walnut Kitchen Homestead, I followed them to the farmers market where they sell their pork each week. It was a hot afternoon, so I had to sneak across the street for this tasty treat. Frozen yogurt with wildberry topping hit the spot!

Some nights, supper doesn't exactly happen. When I'm on the go, it's really hard to discipline myself to eat real meals. Instead I often snack. The night after I visited Walnut Kitchen Homestead, that was the case. 

I tried Fairlife milk for the first time in August. I'm not a big chocolate milk person, so it wasn't really my thing. I hope to try white milk soon to see if I like that better. Regardless, I think it's to cool to learn about the technology that is being used to give us more choices in food. 

Although I don't remember what state I was in, I remember stopping for Chinese food particularly because I was missing Ryan. Kind of silly, but oh well. Our first date was at a Chinese restaurant, and in the last two years have sampled at least Egg Drop Soup and Crab Rangoon from nearly every Chinese place in Ames.

If you've been following my Foodie Friday blog posts, you know I've been trying to get a Strawberry Milkshake in each state. By the time I got to New Hampshire, I'd been seeing lots of these Friendly's restaurants. I decided it looked like the perfect spot for a classic Strawberry Milkshake. Wrong. Super fake strawberry flavor, and pretty pricey. Unfortunately, I have to say this has been the biggest food disappointment of the Why I Farm Roadtrip so far.

I was really bummed I had such rainy weather most of the time I was in New Hampshire. On one particular gloomy evening I decided to treat myself to a hot meal at The Red Blazer. I just ordered chicken soup, the stuffed mushroom appetizer and a local cider. I wasn't a huge fan of the seafood stuffing, but I picked out the mushrooms and slurped down the warm soup no problem. 

This is a typical car picnic. When I have time to stop and eat lunch, it usually looks something like this. Cup of soup from a local grocery store, crackers, and a Powerade or tea.

I have quite the collection of Maple Syrup by now. This cute little bottle came from my friends at New Hampshire Farm Bureau. I haven't tasted it yet, but I hope to have a big breakfast one day once the Why I Farm Roadtrip is over to compare all the samples I've collected from around the country!

That's it for August's Foodie Friday. Come back for a recap of all the yummy things from September. In the mean time, let me know if you have a favorite restaurant or product I need to try while I'm traveling. Thanks for reading! 

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