My Work

My Work

Growing America
American Agri-Women United in D.C. to Call Attention to the Issues that Impact Rural Livelihoods

Why I Farm Blog
Why I Farm Roadtrip Blog

Bayer Crop Science
6 Things I've Been Asked on The Why I Farm Roadtrip
4 Ways to Brand Yourself to Employers

Iowa Corn - Corn sTalk Blog
Celebrity Blog Post: Natalina Sents

Iowa Farm Bureau
Embarking on a Cross Country Tour

Beck's Blog - Intern Avenue
Photo Friday
Does It Get Any Better Than This?
Adrenaline and Professional Development
What If and Why
Who I Am: A Father's Day Tribute
The Road Less Traveled By
Blessed with the Best
Love for Stories
First Impressions of the Beck's Experience

Beck's Crop Talk
All Roads Lead To Home

My profile

Why I Farm Roadtrip - Honoring Farmers Across America

Women in the Agricultural Workplace: A Documentary by
This Week in Agribusiness
This Week in Agribusiness, February 18, 2017 - Part 3
My Food Comes From Ag Podcast
Episode 1
Episode 2

Herdmark Media Podcast
Rural Women Inspired Podcast
American Agri-Women - National Convention Speaker
Facebook Live Video
Women In Ag for Mentoring & Empowerment - World Ag Expo Seminar Speaker
Facebook Live Video
AgWeek TV
AgGrad Snapchat Takeovers

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