My Roots

My roots start out in Columbus Junction, Iowa, a small, diverse town in the southeastern part of the state. Until I graduated high school I'd never lived anywhere else, and took the close knit community for granted. As you read this blog I hope it's obvious how much I appreciate where I came from and the people who made it such a great place to grow up.

Naturally, my family is near the top of that list of people. My community minded father and generous mother were great examples of the type of adult I want to be in society. Growing up, my two younger brothers forced me to grow in fun areas like patience and selflessness. ;) Now, I'm thankful we are good friends and share a passion for agriculture and the pursuit of knowledge. 
My goals to expand my understanding of the world around me, particularly agriculture, have led me to my second home, Ames. Although the city of Ames and Iowa State University's campus are much different than the rural area I raised, I've grown to love it. The opportunities that have come my way and extremely gifted people I've met have forever changed my life's course. I can't wait to introduce you to many of them through this blog.

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