Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why I Farm Roadtrip Countdown: 4 Days to Go

Today is my third day of Why I Farm Roadtrip Countdown posts! (The other two posts are here and here.) I'm on a roll!

This morning was bittersweet. Two of my wonderful roommates, Locky and Lynn moved out to head to their real world jobs. We had a yummy breakfast to finish up the last of the pancake mix and syrup. I've only lived with these girls for a year, but we've had so much fun together. I'm sure going to miss them!

In hopes of changing my mopey mood, I went out to my car to try and put the jack back in its spot by the spare tire. Thankfully, I've never had a flat in this car, but we took the jack and spare out for some Why I Farm Roadtrip photos back in March. I couldn't get it back into place for the life of me, so it's been rolling around in my trunk ever since. It finally donned on me to Google my predicament, and sure enough plenty of other people have had the same problem. But after searching YouTube, I still couldn't find a simple how to video. After a lot of determination and frustration I figured it out. It's nothing great, but I decided to make a quick YouTube video to help out the other people struggling. Here it is:

Maybe two coolers is excessive,
but I like food, okay?!

Next, I tackled a few gross cleaning projects I've been putting off. We used my coolers for our graduation BBQ, but it's been pretty rainy since then so they got covered in dirt and leaves. After a little elbow grease, my coolers are as good as new. Right now, the plan is to pack the big one with lots of ice and unopened cold food. Once I open a cold drink or snack, I'll move it to the smaller cooler so that it's more accessible. This way, I can take my lunch with me in the small cooler and the ice will last longer in the big cooler.

For a couple years, I've been a part of a Women In Ag Facebook group organized by Successful Farming. There are over 20,000 awesome women constantly sharing their advice and encouraging one another. I reached out to them because I've had trouble deciding what to collect from each state. Shot glasses are just clutter, and spoons are old school. Since I'm driving my tiny Ford Fiesta I don't have room for anything big. They responded with so many creative ideas. I got sucked into crafty daydreams for over an hour! I think I've settled on postcards, stickers and t-shirts from each state. When Why I Farm Roadtrip is over, I can make a collage or frame the postcards. As I travel, I'm going to stick all the stickers on the silver cooler I just cleaned up. All the t-shirts could be made into the coziest blanket ever when I get back.

The afternoon was a different pace with tons of conference calls and emails. It was one of those days were doors just seem to be getting shut in my face, but you have to have a few of those to keep the good days in perspective.

Once the rain quit for a while I put the drawers in the hatchback part of my car. They fit nice and snug. I spread a towel on my back seat and loaded up the big silver cooler. Seeing things finally fall into their places turned my mood around. I've been getting lots of questions about how the whole set up will work, so I shot this quick video:

With most of my big items in the car, cleaning up the disaster I created in the living room was next on the list. I made such a mess!

I have a handful of emails to send yet tonight and some social media to schedule for work. I hope to get to bed a little earlier tonight, because I have so much planned for tomorrow. Better get going!

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Don't forget a good pair of rubber boots! :)