Friday, May 13, 2016

Why I Farm Roadtrip Countdown: 3 Days to Go

This is my fourth day counting down to Why I Farm Roadtrip. (You can find the other posts here, here and here.) Each day seems to be going faster and faster! Today flew!

I got up bright and early to do some AgSolver work. I needed to get up and going before the phone started ringing and emails chiming in. It's great to be working with so many awesome people to make Why I Farm Roadtrip successful, but my phone is constantly blowing up! After some solid progress, sure enough my phone is singing songs of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email and text notifications. I'm thankful for the opportunity this is giving me to work on focus. :)

After several hours of work, I got up and around for the day. It's getting more and more challenging to get ready with all my belongings packed away in the car!

The noon hour was a wonderful break from working at home. I drove to Des Moines to pick up some Iowa Food & Family Project cookbooks Iowa Corn gave me to leave behind with my Why I Farm Roadtrip hosts. Two years ago, I interned with Iowa Corn so it was great to catch up with a few familiar faces. My mentor, Brooke and I went out for lunch. It was fun to here about her little girl and share the Why I Farm Roadtrip plan with her.

Huge thanks to Carrie Dodds for lining up these beautiful cookbooks for me! I know they'll be a hit!

After returning to Ames, it was time to get back to work. I scheduled a few more social posts and answered a lot of e-mail. Staring at the screen was starting to drive me nuts, and my friend Becky was back in town, so we caught up while running last minute trip errands to the post office, Target, and Aldis. 

Once all my purchases had a home in my car and I cleaned up a bit, my boyfriend and I went out for Chinese one last time before I leave. Chinese is his favorite, so we've had lots of fun trying out all the restaurants in Ames over the last two years. Le's Kitchen, our choice tonight, was great. They have the best crab rangoon in town and their food always comes out piping hot.

With full bellies, we visited with his mom for a while and enjoyed a little Netflix. It was great to put my phone aside again and enjoy my fleeting time in Ames. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in all there is to do online, I don't spend the time I should with the people around me. I'm thankful for the times I remember to just let it go and live in the moment. Those always become the best memories.

I have to be at Ford at 7am tomorrow morning to pick up a spare key, and the day will just keep rolling from there, so it's time to turn in for the night. Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

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