Sunday, May 15, 2016

See ya later, Ames!

Last Saturday I graduated with an Agricultural Business degree from Iowa State, but it hadn't really hit me yet. As I pulled out of my drive way to set off on the Why I Farm Roadtrip this morning, I finally started to realize that I'm done with school for a long time. Here are a few things I'll miss as I say, "See ya later, Ames!"

See ya later, Ag Business Club!

Goodbye, Econ classes with friends!

See ya later, Ag girls!

So long, Halloween costumes!

See ya later, Hilton Magic!

Adios, Cyclone tailgating!

Until next year, Homecoming!

Goodbye, student NAMA!

Adios, Captain Corn!

See ya later, Jack Trice!

Until next time, Curtiss Hall!

Bye bye, college conferences!

Later, Reiman Gardens!

We'll see you around, freshman dorm friends!

Goodbye, club fundraisers!

So long, random late night adventures!

Goodbye, ginormous pants and "studying" shenanigans!

I've had a great four years in college, and I can't imagine my life now without the wonderful friends and mentors Iowa State introduced me to. Thanks to them I'm ready to take on my next adventure, the Why I Farm Roadtrip! Thanks for reading!

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