Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Night Movie Night, 8th edition!

This weekend many of my classmates went home to help with harvest. My Facebook news feed was full of family pictures in front of combines, meals taken out to farmers in the field, and wagons full of grain. As I drove to Des Moines via the scenic route on Saturday, I found myself going below the speed limit gawking at the scenes of huge green and red combines hard at work against the gorgeous, crisp blue sky. Old red barns and bright orange leaves passed by making me wish I was anywhere but the car. In that spirit, I decided to dedicate this entire Monday Night Movie Night to harvest videos. I hope they make you as proud to be an Iowan as they do me.

This video was shot in South Dakota, but features the same crops we raise here in Iowa. I found this clip very interesting because it uses a GoPro camera mounted on a drone. Drones are fairly new technology that have a lot of potential in the agricultural industry. Check out this video to see harvest from a different angle!

Harvest season takes help from the whole family, young and old. This homemade movie shows just how much pride farm families take in their operation. Take a look and follow this little boy and his family through the harvest time.

This video is a little longer, but I really love it's historical perspective. It includes photos of this farm's past and present. You may recognize "God Made a Farmer" by Paul Harvey, re-popularized by a recent Super Bowl commercial, in the background. Enjoy a glimpse of several generations participating in harvest, and other farm activities by clicking below.

I'm sure you can tell if you've been following my blog the past several weeks, I just love this time of year. (Fall on the Farm, Fall Industry TourIt makes me so thankful for all the farmers who feed our world, the beautiful crisp weather, crunchy colorful leaves, and the privilege to be a part of the agricultural community. Thanks for reading!

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