Friday, August 26, 2016

Foodie Friday: Why I Farm Roadtrip, May

I confess, I'm that girl that takes a photo of just about every meal and snack I've had so far on the Why I Farm Roadtrip. I love trying the local flavors and I don't want to forget all the unique experiences I've had in each state. Starting from the beginning, here's a look at the tastes of May.

One of the Why I Farm Roadtrip visits I had was with blueberry farmers from Michigan. The Bowerman family has a beautiful farm market full of doughnuts, pies and preserves. They sent this jar with me as a souvenir. I enjoyed it while I was staying with Jennifer Osterholt in Ohio. It was delicious!

Barbara Siemen of The Chick Wire still holds the record as one of the best cooks I've visited so far. When I arrived, she had fresh pastries, banana bread and cookies to share. My stomach is growling just looking at the pictures again! 

I tried to make Barbara's cookies last, but I'm afraid to admit how many I ate before I even left her county. They were the perfect balance of softness and chewiness.

When I visited Fort Wayne, Indiana, the lovely folks at the tourism bureau gave me tickets to "Summer Nights at the Embassy." There was a great band, and unique food and drinks for sale. This Mac & Cheese with pulled pork had a little kick to it and hit the spot after a long day of traveling.

Summer Nights at the Embassy was just the start of great food I had in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The next day, I went to Tolon, a newer restaurant in the area. My burger and homemade chips were fantastic. Advice: If you see something on the menu with bacon jam, order it. You won't be disappointed.

To wrap up a great visit to Fort Wayne, I was able to visit the Joseph Decuis farm and restaurant. This is by far the nicest restaurant I've been to while on the road. It was so fascinating to learn about the veggies, pork, and Wagyu beef that were part of my meal. To top it off, our fantastic waitress let me sample a few beers from a popular local brewery, Sun King. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo, but the Mangalista Cracklins' were great. Treat yourself to an order of those!

Early in the road trip I decided I needed to try a strawberry shake in every state. When I can't find a local place, Chick-fil-A is my go to. You can see the real strawberries and it doesn't taste syrupy. Mmm!

That's it for May's Foodie Friday! Check back next week to see a few of the yummy things I had in June. Thanks for reading!

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