Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Motivation: Why I Farm Roadtrip Week 39

With all the negativity going around in my Facebook newsfeed, I'm extra motivated to share these positive Why I Farm stories. As I approach week 40 of living on the road, these farmers keep me inspired.

Kansas farmer: Greg Peterson
"I farm because I think it’s a noble occupation. It is a lot of fun to work with machinery, crops and animals and to be outdoors. There’s a lot of enjoyable aspects of it, but also there’s a cause behind what you’re doing. You’re providing people with food to eat. You’re taking care of living beings. You’re taking care of the earth. It’s not a dull job. It’s full of surprises, it’s different every single day, and you get to work with your family. I think the family side is probably one of my favorite things. It’s a 5th generation family farm started in the 1800s. You think about all the previous generations, your ancestors, your grandpa, your great-grandpa working on the same land as you, doing the same kind of things as you. That’s really cool and something a lot of people don’t realize. Right now it’s my dad and my brothers and I mainly that work on the farm, but my mom and sister help too, and we’ve got a few other people that contribute. I think for us, the brothers, we grew up playing with farm toys together and wanting to grow up to be like our dad. That was always the dream." -Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Bros near Assaria, Kansas

Virginia farmer: Lauren Arbogast

"I grew up in the city. Eleven years ago I jumped hook, line and sinker into agriculture when I married into a third-generation family farm. My overall perspective is that if this is where my journey was leading and this is really what I was called to do, then I’m going to embrace that and do everything I can to be fully present on that journey. I wouldn’t raise my family any other way. Sometimes I’m jealous when I see my kids in the tractor or running down the long lane to the bus in the mornings. I just think, 'How blessed are we that we get to raise our kids in this manner with responsibilities and chores? And teach them to steward the environment, the animals and the land we were blessed with and given charge of.' For me, that’s a lot of why I farm and why I do what I do." -Lauren Arbogast of a diversified crop and livestock farm near Rockingham, Virginia

Minnesota farmer: Wanda Patsche
"God has provided for us. He allows us to farm, and we just love it. We’re thankful that He put us in this position. It's very humbling, but at the same time we're very proud to be farmers. To me, there’s nothing more special than providing food for other families, and that’s what we do out here." -Wanda Patsche, of Minnesota Farm Living, raises row crops and pigs with her husband near Welcome, Minnesota

I hope you're challenged to be thankful for the opportunities you're given this week. Go out and make the most of it! Happy Monday! Thanks for reading!

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