Friday, September 2, 2016

Foodie Friday: Why I Farm Roadtrip, June

I'm still enjoying eating my way through the Why I Farm Roadtrip. I love getting a taste of each place I visit, and there are several places I want to go back for seconds. Here's a look at the tastes of June.

I was so lucky to be able to meet up with Elizabeth Burns-Thompson while I was in Washington D.C. for American Agri-Women Fly In. We were both pretty busy with events on The Hill, but we snuck away for a quick lunch from the food trucks on The Mall one day! After lots of debating, we both ended up getting phillys. So delicious!

While I was in D.C. I had the chance to meet amazing women in agriculture from several states. One of the ladies from North Carolina, Amy Harris Robinette, shared this beef jerky from her own farm with me. It was the perfect travel snack!

I have cheat days more often than I would like to admit. When I was in Maryland visiting Robert Black of Catochin Orchard, I couldn't resist this Mint Chocolate Chip fudge. Perfect, melt in your mouth deliciousness!

When I visited my cousin, Neva, I tried all kinds of new foods. The first night I spent with her, I tried a crab roll. It was so good, but very rich and filling. Quite a treat!

This crab covered pretzel is another sea food treat I enjoyed while visiting my cousin Neva in Pennsylvania. She says it's a big hit with her kids too. 

Neva and her husband, Keith, spoiled me. I cracked crabs for the first time in my life with them one afternoon in Baltimore. It was such a unique experience! I had no idea this is how crab is normally served. They bring out a big tray, you select how many of what size you want, and they come back with this! No plates, just a paper covered table, a little hammer, and a bucket for all the pieces you're done with. I don't think I've ever worked this hard for my food before, but it was totally worth it. 

I couldn't drive through Hershey, Pennsylvania without a stop at the Hershey factory. The free little tour was great, even by myself, and there were so many souvenirs to choose from. I'm on a really tight budget, so I didn't buy any knickknacks or t-shirts, but I did get this free mini chocolate bar after the tour. I'm always up for a sweet treat!

One particularly lonely and frustrating day in Pennsylvania, I decided to treat myself to a BLT from Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar in Hummelstown. The sandwich and corn nuggets were exactly what I needed to turn my day around. (That and a phone call that led to visit Haldeman Farms.)

I rarely pass up an opportunity to have ice cream, so I got a scoop while I was at the diner in Pennsylvania. I think it was black raspberry or something. It was good, but not great and by the time it came, I was excited to hit the road for my next Why I Farm interview.

On hot summer days, it's really hard for me to pass a Sonic without ordering a Cherry Limeade. They're just so delicious! Pro tip: Order light ice to get more bang for your buck.

Like I said last month, when I started this adventure I decided I needed to sample a Strawberry Shake in each state. This one was from my visit with Tad Kuntz at Masonic Villages Farm Market in Pennsylvania. One of the more expensive milkshakes I've had, but so delicious!

A few weeks before the Why I Farm Roadtrip began, I learned about dehydrated fruit. Unlike dried fruit, which I'd had before, these fruit slices are crispy. It's a great snack, and helps me eat a little healthier while on the go. Since I'm in a different place every night, it's hard to buy and keep fresh produce. So far I've had pears, peaches, strawberries and apples. I've liked them all!

When I was in Delaware McCafe Frappes were on sale for a dollar. Since it was cheaper than my usual order, I figured I'd give it a try. Too sweet for my liking. I'll stick to my vanilla iced coffee.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Twitter, you probably saw I stopped at Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware while I was out east. I had a great tour of the brewery and it was inspiring to hear Sam's entrepreneurial story. Of course, after I learned all about their beer, a taste test was necessary! Festina Peshe was my favorite. 

After some fantastic beer samples and a great walking tour, it was lunch time at Dogfish Head. I opted for this pulled pork from the food truck on site. Pretty yummy!

Also in Delaware, I visited the Georgetown Farmers Market. I was able to visit with two vendors (Little Wagon Produce and Smiths) about why they farm and enjoyed a black cherry soda from one of the food trucks. It was a great little stop.

The Georgetown Farmers Market is held in a green space right next to 16 Mile Brewery. I was feeling adventurous so I stopped in to taste a beer. When I saw a watermelon beer on the menu, I had to give it a try. I was surprised how much it actually smelled and tasted like watermelon!

My Virginia strawberry milkshake came from Richlands Dairy Farm. After a hot, but wonderful farm tour and Why I Farm interview this was just what I needed! 

That's it for June's Foodie Friday! Check back next week to see some of the yummy things I had in July. Thanks for reading!

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