Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Internship Update #1

By now, if you've been following the Roots Facbook page or Twitter, you know I've been interning in Atlanta, Indiana at Beck's Hybrids this summer. I began the Monday after my finals wrapped up in May and have been loving life "out east" ever since! Today is my 35th day on the job, so I'm way overdue (Imaging that! ;) ) for an update!

Part of my experience at Beck's is writing a weekly Intern Avenue blog post. It's great to have people holding me accountable to blog. I know down the road I'll be glad the stories of my summer have been saved. I'm also thankful for the opportunity this has given me to get more writing advice and critique. My supervisor has been great about kindly pointing out my weaknesses and helping me achieve my goal of being a more engaging/entertaining author.

I think my writing has improved, but check it out for yourself by reading the Intern Avenue blogs I've written so far:

I've also been able to contribute to the social media pages the Marketing Department manages. Below are all the links to their accounts, so be sure to like or follow them to see some of my work. Lately, I've been having a lot of fun adding to the Beck's Pinterest page!

This summer it's also been really cool to contribute to the #WhyIFarm movement Beck's started in 2013. You can read more in my first Intern Avenue, but Why I Farm is what got me hooked on the company in the first place. The Love for Stories post tells about my trip to Iowa filming a Why I Farm video. I can't share much on the subject yet because our work hasn't been released, but in the mean time visit and enjoy some of the free download-ables. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements later this summer on Why I Farm's Facebook and Twitter.

This will have to do for now, but I look forward to telling you more about all my experiences in Indiana. Meanwhile, keep a close eye on the Beck's Blog for my posts every Friday. Thanks for reading!

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