Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#CowAppreciationDay 2015

Social media is awesome! Every time I log on I learn something new. This morning, #CowAppreciationDay posts filled my news feed. Who knew cows had their own special day?! 

After reading post after post, I thought of Angel. Angel was the big momma cow and boss of the herd at the farm where my 4-H calves were kept back in high school. She was big and gentle. Always the first to greet me when I came to do chores, and first in line for head scratches. We all knew she was a little spoiled, but you could hardly get mad at her when she learned how to lick open her gate. Angel was almost all white and was a great mom to my show calves Heaven and White Cloud. I looked and looked, but I don't have a picture of her to share.

This is Angel's daughter, Heaven. She was the first calf I showed at the fair. Working with her taught me a lot about responsibility and work ethic. Here's a picture from high school. I'm blow drying her after a bath. It didn't matter if I was hot or tired, she needed fed, walked, and washed everyday.

I'm so disappointed that's one of the few pictures I have of the cows I worked with. But it turns out there are lots of awesome Women in Agriculture in one of my Facebook groups who are willing to share their pictures. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did!

This is Crystal Wiese's momma cow, Star. She's a Jersey (a dairy breed) and about five years old. Last fall, Star had a calf that Crystal's son showed at the fair this summer. 

These adorable pictures come from Katee Pevler. Their family love of cattle has been passed through more than four generations and looks good for the future with these handsome little cowboys!

Meet Squirt! This dairy cow is Jennifer Donald Neumann's oldest cow. She's 18 and still going strong. The next picture, with the calf, is Squirt's grandson who was born this year.

These pretty ladies are Gretchen Allen's newest Dexter heifers. Heifers are young females that have never given birth.

Say hello to Annabelle who lives on A Dairyman's Wife's farm. Here's a little story about her:

"Tonight was a bittersweet night on the farm for me. My favorite heifer on the farm, which is really my favorite animal on the farm, she was 'kicked' out with the cows tonight. This means  when heifers get to breeding age, and a good size they are taken out of the big heifer pen and put out in the barnyard with the cows and our two bulls to be bred. Annabelle is a little over a year and a half old, and my first love on the farm! Sorry Farmer! ;)"

For more from A Dairyman's Wife, check out her blog.

I'm so thankful I stumbled across #CowAppreciationDay! These little stories really brightened my busy day. I'd love to hear what things you're learning on social media! Thanks for reading!

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