Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Night Movie Night: Iowa Nice

Last Thursday, the Iowa State University Corn Growers Association hosted their 2nd Annual Spring BBQ and I was honored to be part of the officer team that oversaw the event. 

Cyclones were invited for a free meal of delicious pork burgers and chips and savored a treat of ISU Dairy Science Club ice cream for desert. The evening's activities were open to all students and provided a great opportunity to network with the event's sponsors as well as peers passionate about agriculture. Over two hundred people filled the new Jeff & Deb Hansen Agricultural Learning Center to enjoy the evening of food, entertainment, and conversation.

The club was honored to have Scott Siepker, more well known as the Iowa Nice Guy, as our guest speaker. Through his hilarious talk, he hit some more serious points emphasizing the importance of an appreciation for agriculture. Without farmers who are willing to share their stories, it's pretty hard for the 98% percent of people outside of production agriculture to be enthusiastic about the industry that feeds and fuels their lifestyle. Finally, Scott spoke about making your dreams come true in Iowa. Iowa is a great place to live, start a career, and raise a family. There's no need to look beyond your back door for a place your goals can be achieved. As an Iowan, Siepker has launched an acting career. ESPN features and the videos below are some of his accomplishments. With today's technology and the 'nice' culture found in Iowa, start chasing your dreams, whatever they are. Thanks for reading!
'Nice' Videos:

(Click the photo above to watch "Farmer Nice")

(Click the photo above to watch "Iowa Nice")

(Click the photo above to watch "Cyclone Nice")

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