Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goals: 101 in 1001

Get good grades, make healthy choices, buy a car... ya-di ya-da. Since the time we enter school, we're taught about the importance of goals. Maybe you've even been to conferences or seminars to improve your goal setting.

Recently, I was scrolling through my friend, Lexi's blog and ran across her "101 in 1001" tab. I thought her list of goals was great and was inspired to make my own list of attainable goals and track my progress. Below is my personal list of goals. Some are in progress and some are pretty out there, but I'm excited to see where this 1001 day journey takes me. 

  1. Travel to all 50 states
  2. Travel to Europe
  3. Fly somewhere by myself
  4. Dedicate a day to random acts of kindness
  5. Go a week without social media
  6. Go to Commodity Classic
  7. Serve as President of an ISU Student Organization
  8. Record my grandparent's stories
  9. Secure a full time job
  10. Develop a workout routine
  11. Work in a food related charity
  12. Sleep out under the stars
  13. Bike RAGBRAI (Iowa)
  14. Develop a business plan for Iowa Ag Roots
  15. Blog at least 3 times a week
  16. Travel to Washington D.C
  17. Travel to New York City
  18. Get my photography published
  19. Meet someone famous
  20. Improve my Spanish
  21. Study abroad
  22. Graduate from Iowa State University in Agricultural Business
  23. Graduate from Iowa State University with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
  24. Graduate from Iowa State University with a minor in Agronomy
  25. Take a journalism class
  26. Take a photography class
  27. Eat healthier consistently
  28. Catch up with friends from high school
  29. Make a difference in my hometown
  30. Plant a garden
  31. Work out of state
  32. Attend a music festival
  33. Go skydiving
  34. Get my CDL
  35. Get my own apartment
  36. Change my own oil
  37. Go to an Iowa State basketball game
  38. Campanile
  39. Raise my GPA
  40. Learn to water ski
  41. Write a letter to someone I admire
  42. Write a letter to someone who changed my life
  43. Write a letter to someone in government
  44. Go wine tasting
  45. Take all the Cyride routes
  46. Organize my shoes
  47. Stay in touch with college friends
  48. Knit a scarf
  49. Sew a t-shirt quilt
  50. Adopt a pet
  51. Design a website
  52. Walk 5 times a week
  53. Take a spontaneous road trip
  54. Get a pedicure
  55. Create a budget and stick to it
  56. Drink more water
  57. Use less electricity
  58. Start composting
  59. Learn about the stock market
  60. Pray more
  61. Play my saxophone
  62. Learn 10 songs on the piano
  63. Attend another state fair
  64. Memorize a poem
  65. Memorize all the counties of Iowa
  66. Learn to count to 10 in 10 languages
  67. Make someone breakfast in bed
  68. Make someone a birthday cake
  69. Make cherry rhubarb jam
  70. Call my grandparents more
  71. Take a trip on a train
  72. Take a trip with each of my brothers
  73. Make a book of Grandma's recipes
  74. Make anise cookies by myself
  75. Make Christmas cookies with Grandma
  76. Write my name in the sand
  77. Learn to eat with chopsticks
  78. Learn to code
  79. Build a house for Habitat for Humanity
  80. Visit Marie in Germany
  81. Make a parody about agriculture
  82. Learn more about sustainable agriculture
  83. Check the news every day
  84. Meet an author of a book I've read
  85. Read 100 books
  86. Make use of all my breaks
  87. Try eating vegan for a week
  88. Start a business
  89. Leave a 100% tip
  90. Run 5 5k races for a cause
  91. Finish my scrapbooks
  92. Join a writing group
  93. Go to the Iowa Corn Indy 300
  94. Go to a Iowa v. Iowa State football game
  95. Take an Ag Law class
  96. Watch a meteor shower
  97. Look at the planets through a telescope
  98. Study more efficiently
  99. Run a 5K with my dad
  100. Take my mom on a shopping trip
  101. Convert all our film photos to digital

If you're interested in making your own list check out It's a pretty neat site where you can customize and track your own lists. I look forward to completing my goals and would love to hear about your progress if you make your own. Thanks for reading!

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