Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fields of Corn Photo Contest

Today at work, while snooping around the Iowa Corn sTalk blog for some details on an upcoming event I ran across an exciting post. The National Corn Growers Association is hosting a "Fields of Corn" Photo Contest! It's a good thing it was close to my lunch hour when I made this discovery because I couldn't stop thinking of all the photos gathering cyber dust on my hard drive sitting at home. My pictures could be put to use telling the world about agriculture!! As soon as I took my break I began jotting down photos that came to mind and photographer friends to encourage to enter.

All this excitement brings me to a couple basic requests. If you are a farmer, love country life, live in the rural Midwest, are passionate about agriculture, or any and all of the above take a few minutes to submit a few photos. Who knows, your images may be used to explain to millions of consumers the industry and lifestyle we love! If you don't have any pictures to share, take some time look through the submissions and vote for your favorites. (I've submitted several and would appreciate your vote!)  :) Below are some of the pictures I plan to enter.

"Country Curves"

"Homestead Sunset"

"Harvest Me"

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