Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Startup Ireland: Day 3 - Cork

Our Startup Ireland journey across the country continues! This little habit of seeing both the sunrise and sunset is becoming quite a pattern this week, but with sights like this I don't really mind.

Sunrise over Cork. Photo credit: Paul Condron
Sunset in Waterford. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
It will be pretty hard to keep it wordless, but this Wednesday I'm sharing some images from my trip so far. Many thanks to the friends traveling with me that let me share their art.

This was the view walking to the evening reception in Waterford. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
Growing up, I remember hearing my Grandma Addy talk about Waterford Crystal. It was so fun to be in Waterford and see it in real life. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
There are so many beautiful buildings here. We saw this one on our way to a Tech Brew event and had to take a picture. Photo Credit: Rachel Kelly

These planters outside the Google European Headquarters looked like macaroni noodles. This venue has been one of my favorites. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
This was one of the panels in Waterford. Each day featured two panels and several other speakers. The panels were always my favorite part of the session. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
This is another beautiful building from Waterford. It was near the venue for an event called The Big Pitch. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
The Bank of Ireland was the main sponsor of Startup Gathering. Here's their building in Dublin all lit up for the week of events. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
My new friend, Margaret, who works for Startup Gathering, myself and Rachel in front of the Bank of Ireland in Dublin. There was quite an impressive light show there Monday night. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
The Iowa State social media team doing their job in Waterford! Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
Our hotel in Cork, The Kingsley, was the nicest hotel any of us had stayed at before. Out in the "car park," or parking lot there was a beautiful fountain and statues. Here I am with the team photographer, Paul. Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
The Iowa State social media team hard at work in Cork on Day 3! Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
These Go Cars were our transportation for the week. Go Car is a car rental service out of Dublin. Photo credit: Margaret Stafford
This was the scene in Cork behind The Kingsley Hotel. We took tons of photos of this sunset! Photo credit: Rachel Kelly
Thanks for reading! Good night!

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