Thursday, March 5, 2015

#Thankful Thursday, Week 10!

This week I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people who pushed me to check out Iowa State... and give it a second try. Many people who knew me as a high school senior will remember the girl that thought she'd attend a small, private college far from home and be the statistic that changed her major 13 times before finally graduating in 5 and a half years. I was excited for new independence and a fresh start, but so anxious about choosing the perfect school and right major. The fear of getting it wrong was almost paralyzing.

Eventually, I checked out Iowa State, only after receiving strong "suggestions" from adult friends and others who thought it would be good to visit a bigger, public school, "just to be sure" of what I was sure I knew about my preferences. I came for my tour, picked up my folder from the visitor's center, and ventured off with my mom to find our appointments scattered across the sprawling campus on the highlighted map. As we made our way through the day, we met with faculty that had thick accents, received huge folders full of curriculum requirements, and when we got lost the students we stopped to ask couldn't even point us in the right direction. That was the last straw. I returned happy to announce I could cross at least one school off the list. I could never be a Cyclone.

Little did I know, my mentors were pretty persistent, and probably knew me better than I knew myself in some ways. After months of encouragement, I went back to give it a second shot. A friend from high school was kind enough to host me in her dorm and show me around campus. Another family friend took the time to line up classes for me to sit in on and students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to meet. The light switch flipped. I knew Ames would be my new home and the Agricultural Business program seemed to fit like a glove.

Now 5 and a half semesters, 10 clubs, 4 internships, and countless trips and events in to my Iowa State adventure, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've been blessed with so many forever friends, discovered my passion in agriculture, and been challenged like never before as a Cyclone. Campus really isn't that huge, the faculty is amazing, and the coursework is exciting. In the last month alone, I've had the privilege of traveling to 4 states, 3 conferences, and attending 5 dinners representing one of the top agricultural schools in the world. Many thanks to my mentors and friends who have encouraged and supported my college career! Thanks for reading!

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